Dubai: A drug addict has been accused of assaulting policemen and threatening them with a meat cleaver after they raided his house in search of illegal drugs, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

An officer from Dubai Police’s Anti-Narcotic Department said that a team of officers went to arrest the 25-year-old Emirati defendant at his home in Al Ghusais on October 4.

Officers were allowed into the house by the defendant’s mother and knocked on his bedroom door but he didn’t answer.

“We entered the room and he was standing inside carrying a meat cleaver. He threatened to stab us if we didn’t leave the house,” said the officer.

The defendant then refused to be handcuffed and resisted arrest by kicking and punching the officers as they tried to control him.

He was taken to Dubai Police headquarters for a urine sample, which came back positive for cannabis.

Prosecutors charged the defendant with assaulting police officers, threatening them and consuming cannabis.

A verdict is expected onJanuary 28.