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Dubai: A father went on trial before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday for attempting to smuggle illegal painkillers into the UAE through his son’s luggage.

The 43-year-old Egyptian visitor put 426 pills of Tramadol inside his 15-year-old son’s luggage but was arrested at Dubai International Airport in February of this year.

According to records inspectors found the drugs in the teenager’s luggage and arrested the father who admitted to smuggling the drugs into the UAE.

Dubai Public Prosecution said that the defendant’s son didn’t know that he was carrying drugs.

Meanwhile, the defendant himself was carrying 24 pieces of Hashish weighing 189 grams and 994 Tramadol pills.

Records didn’t reveal where the father and his son had arrived from.

The defendant was charged with smuggling drugs via his son and possessing drugs for personal use.

He admitted to both charges and requested the court’s mercy.

A verdict is expected on May 5.