screengrab from twitter account of UAE public prosecution
A rendering of the UAE Public Prosecution office on its Twitter account Image Credit: Twitter/@UAE_PP

Dubai: The UAE Public Prosecution on Saturday announced that it is investigating the CEO of a private sector company for publishing an unskilled job advertisement for Emiratis.

In a social media post shared on its official page, the public prosecution said that the job ad has broken both Emiratisation regulations and media content standards as it included “contentious” content.

The federal investigation department clarified that it had spotted the controversial advertisement, in which the suspected company was announcing a job vacancy for Emiratis. The ad content violated the provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 279 of 2022 on Monitoring Mechanisms of Emiratisation Rates in the Private Sector.

The Federal Prosecution for Countering Rumours and Cybercrimes has launched an immediate investigation into the incident and is interrogating the CEO of the business on the allegations made against him.

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The Attorney General requested that the probe be finished promptly, urging private sector businesses to adhere to the controls and instructions outlined in Ministerial Resolution 279 and increase the number of Emiratis employed by the private sector in order to activate its role as a key partner in developing the labour market and advancing the country’s economic development.