Dubai: Three brothers were sentenced to six months in jail for an assault on an Etisalat telecom driver, which left him blind in one eye, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday.

The 30-year-old Pakistani driver was left in a coma after being set upon by three Emirati brothers for allegedly entering their home without permission on August 5 last year.

The driver was waiting for Etisalat technicians to finish installing surveillance cameras at their villa in Deira, when he entered the premises to inform one of the technicians that he was going to pray. One of the brothers then started slapping him repeatedly for entering the premises without permission, before the other two brothers joined in on the attack. When the technicians heard the driver’s screams they came to try and help their colleague, but were pushed out of the property.

“One of the three brothers kicked us out and locked the driver inside with them,” said an Indian technician.

Police were called and when they arrived they found the victim on the ground next to his vehicle.

“He was assaulted so badly that his face was swollen,” said an Emirati policeman.

The driver remained unconscious for seven days at Rashid Hospital.

When he regained consciousness, doctors told him that they couldn’t save the sight in his left eye.

The Emirati brothers aged between 25 and 33 were charged with assault causing 40 per cent permanent disability.