Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have warned jobseekers abroad from falling for fake online recruitment companies and their attempts to pass off as established firms to scam unsuspecting applicants.

Brigadier Saeed Mohammad Al Kaabi, Director of Security Information in the Directorate Affairs section, urged jobseekers to exercise caution when dealing with recruitment websites so that their anxiousness to land a job would not be exploited by dubious agents demanding unjustified fees. Clandestine firms often lured people with fake job offers and fantastic salaries to carry out fraudulent activities, he warned.

Al Kaabi pointed out that legitimate recruitment companies do not ask for fees or any personal or private information from job applicants.

He added that scammers are always looking for new ways to con people and stressed that Abu Dhabi Police are keen on enhancing the awareness of jobseekers on the dangers posed by fraudsters and fake recruitment agencies.

Al Kaabi said that scammers usually target jobseekers abroad through their personal accounts, skimming information on them via social media networks, bogus employment sites or emails. After the targets are chosen, they are contacted on their phones or email address informing them about fictitious job offers and urging them to visit random travel offices to complete visa procedures and then asking them to transfer fees through global banking offices.