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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Police community policing initiative ‘The Officer is Your Neighbour’ platform has welcomed 506 police volunteers since its launch, it was announced on Friday.

The platform allows Dubai Police officers to become the liaison between Dubai’s citizens and residents and the Dubai Police General HQ, to monitor and solve problems in residential areas.

According to Captain Engineer Khalifa Al Roum, Secretary-General of Dubai Police Youth Council, the platform aims at addressing negative phenomena, reducing the crime rate, following-up on community policing reports and serving people in residential districts.

He said the platform is available over the external Dubai Police’s network to measure police officers’ performance in dealing with and solving various problems in their residential districts.

Captain Al Roum explained that the number of homes registered on the platform reached 833 households, the platform has also carried out 21 workshops and 830 events and social activities and participated in 219 community events. He said the platform has dealt with 314 various complaints, and with 12 humanitarian cases.

Captain Al Roum emphasized that the Community Police initiative “The Officer is Your Neighbour” is available on the internal network of the Dubai Police and measures the performance of the active community police officers through a system of “community points” which will be awarded to the officer’s ability to deal with various issues in the residential neighbourhood where he/she lives.