poster for anti-begging campaign by shajrah police
Poster of anti-begging campaign by Shajrah Police Image Credit: Twitter/@ShjPolice

Sharjah: As many as 110 beggars have been arrested in Sharjah in the first 12 days of Ramadan, officials said yesterday.

Lieutenant Colonel Jassim Mohammed bin Taliah, head of the begging control team at Sharjah Police, urged residents in the emirate to call the dedicated numbers and report what is described as “seasonal begging”.

He pointed out that the campaign resulted in the arrest of 110 beggars, including 100 men and 10 women, who were reported through the direct communication channels provided by Sharjah Police, through the 80040 and 901 numbers, as well as through the field campaigns of the control teams that patrol the roads of the emirate.

Lt Col Bin Taliah said most of those arrested had come on visit visas, while some were residents who were “taking advantage of Ramadan to make money”. Legal measures will be undertaken against those arrested.

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Ongoing campaign

The ‘Begging is a crime ... and giving is a responsibility’ campaign that began before Ramadan aims to curb the menace of begging. “The aim of this campaign is to encourage the public to cooperate with the police and protect the emirate,” Lt Col Bin Taliah said.

“Police patrols have been deployed at places frequented by beggars. They take advantage of Ramadan and go to mosques and markets, banks and residential areas to ask people for money. People who have limited resources or face difficult [financial] situation in the UAE can contact any of the authorised charity and humanitarian organisations, who will study their individual cases and offer them help within the legal framework.”