Schools in the UAE cannot exchange any paper materials with students until further notice

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Dubai: All educational institutions in the UAE have now been “prohibited” from exchanging any type of “paper materials” with their students, according to new guidelines issued by the educational regulators.

Disclosing this to Gulf News, the head of an educational group said on Wednesday morning that the guidelines, aimed at checking the spread of COVID-19, have to be implemented with immediate effect.

The notification states that, “In line with the health and safety guidelines on how to protect the health and safety of students during this period, we ask all educational institutions (early learning centres, schools, universities and training institutes) to immediately, and until further notice, prohibit the exchange of all types of paper materials with its students.”

The institutions have been urged to ensure “uninterrupted delivery of education” only through distance learning.

According to the notification, all institutions are expected to incorporate alternative strategies using various distance and online learning methods, in addition to any electronic communication tools that are accessible to teachers and students.

The father of a girl studying in an Indian school in Sharjah said he had just received a message from the school saying there will be no "paper transactions" as per the authorities' directives on March 25.

He said, "The school has suspended distribution of books and asked parents to stop all online payment for book purchase."