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Traffic towards Sharjah from Dubai Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Those who work in Dubai and live in other emirates need to carry their work ID or letter from their employer to avoid fines due to the time difference of the National Sterlisation Programme across the emirates.

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police, said that radars in Dubai have been adjusted to catch people violating coronavirus movement restrictions between 11pm and 6am in Dubai.

However, movement restrictions in other emirates are from 8pm to 6am. As such, people working in Dubai and living in other emirates who may require to return later than 8pm need present their work ID or letter issued by their employer if they are stopped in their emirate of residence.

Sharjah Police too has issued a clarification.

Major General Saif Al Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, explained that there will be no penalties for employees working in Dubai and living in Sharjah if they happen to return home from work during the sterilisation period.

He said Sharjah Police will put in place a mechanism for employees who work in Dubai and live in Sharjah and their work requires returning late.

Those who work in Dubai should present either work permit, labour card or other official documents to prove that they work in Dubai .

Major General Al Shamsi pointed out that only employees who work in Dubai are covered by this decision, The waiver does not apply to those who are not employed in Dubai. He urged all community members to adhere to the precautionary measures laid down by the relevant authorities to avoid violations.

Radars adjusted

Maj Gen Al Gaithi in Dubai said, “Radars are adjusted to catch violators in Dubai between 11pm to 6am on all highways and internal roads. People working in vital sectors are exempted.”

People can still get a movement permit through the permit website, but only for emergencies.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said that people who violate the movement restrictions between 11pm and 6am in Dubai will face a Dh3,000 fine.

“People should always take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There is a Dh3,000 fine for people who don’t follow social distancing while practising sports or entertainment activities in open places like hotel beaches, walking and gathering in public parks,” said Al Mazroui.

He said that drivers who carry more than two passengers will be fined Dh3,000 except if the passengers are from one family.

Brig Al Mazroui said a Dh10,000 fine will apply to violating companies or drivers of a private cars for transporting workers between the emirates.

“There is also a Dh5,000 fine on the company if it doesn’t take precautionary measures while transporting workers,” Brig Al Mazroui added.


You can apply for a move permit in Dubai on https://dxbpermit.gov.ae/home

Call permit hotline on 800 737648 or 901 for non-emergency inquiries.