Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Abu Dhabi Polytechnic on a joint vocational training programme that will be instrumental in developing a skilled Emirati workforce to support the UAE’s burgeoning nuclear energy industry.

The agreement was signed by Mohammad Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of Enec, and Dr Abdul Latif Al Shamsi, Managing Director at the Institute of Applied Technology, on behalf of Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr Ahmad Al Awar, Director of Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, and a number of senior officials from each party. The partnership reinforces both parties’ ongoing commitment to the development of UAE national talent.

Under the memo, Enec and AD Polytechnic will collaborate on a customised nuclear energy curriculum for students of Enec’s Energy Pioneers scholarship programme. The programme aims to address the specific knowledge areas required to meet the needs of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy programme, while creating opportunities for talented Emiratis to play a critical role in the delivery of the project.

Al Hammadi said at the ceremony: “We have been working with AD Polytechnic since 2012 and we will continue our close cooperation. Nurturing the next generation of nuclear energy leaders in the UAE is one of Enec’s top priorities, and this MoU consolidates our relationship with AD Polytechnic, helping us to achieve this goal. Enec will require more than 2,500 employees by 2020, with a target to have 60 per cent of this made up of Emiratis. Together with Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, we aim to provide the best and brightest UAE nationals with the training and opportunities needed to become part of an industry that is crucial to the country’s continued growth.”