Mohammad Zulfadi works on his artwork called Ladybird at the Bay Square Image Credit: Clint Egbert/XPRESS

DUBAI: If you’re looking for something new to do this weekend, head to Bay Square in Business Bay where you can see unique installations with 3D and 4D effects.

Put up by four UAE-based Malaysian artists, the installations carry distinct messages.

Muhriz Murad, 33, going by the name Poke 2, has created a 3x2 metre 3D painting using water colours at one Square corner. The image, ‘Colour the City’, showing paint spilt over on the floor is intended to encourage people to express themselves through art. “This is a tribute to the many artists thriving in Dubai,” said Murad.

Abdul Qoyyum Mohammad Nadzi, 34, focuses on skydiving in his work ‘Yumz’. The art work with a 3D/4D effect will be split into two sections - one adorning a wall and the other a patch on the ground.

The Hero Ladybird

Another artist Mohammad Zulfadli, 31, has created ‘The Hero Ladybird’ painting of a beetle and a man sitting on a pile of crates. The tiny ladybird, he explains, is one of the biggest allies of a farmer as it feeds on insects.

The painting, according to him, serves as a reminder for people to become conscious of their environment. It highlights the need for humans to co-exist peacefully with nature, he added.

With graffiti works gaining popularity, the fourth artist Mohammad Fakhri, 36, is painting an image ‘I love Dubai’ that looks like graffiti. The image is close to the water feature in Bay Square.

All the four artists have a proven global track record.

Murad said he started doing graffiti in 2001 when he was studying in Melbourne, Australia and developed on his graphic designs, exploring their vast possibilities not just on the computer but also the streets. He has taken part in several international events, including a Guinness world record attempt.

Similarly, Nadzi said he has been doing graffiti since 2010. A freelancer who also does murals, he claims he has been influenced by European and Malaysian graffiti art.