Moazzam Ahmad Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, is seen looking at the works by Pakistani Artist Mona Naqsh, after Ambassador inaugurated her Art Exhibition-'Meditative Trance', at Etihad Modern Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening. Photo: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News (story: Ashfaq) Image Credit:

ABU DHABI: The Embassy of Pakistan in partnership with Poetic Strokes inaugurated a private art exhibition yesterday titled “meditative trance”

Lauding the exhibition, Moazzam Ahmad Khan Ambassdor of Pakistan to the UAE, said: “I am especially captivated by Mona Naqsh’s choice of colours and the play of light and space. The exhibition is also a celebration of the UAE’s National Day, a tribute to this hub of art and culture,” he said.

Naqsh, a UK-based Pakistani artist who specialises in recreating the subtlety of flowers, is exhibiting an ensemble of her 32 selected artworks. The show was conceptualised and curated by Ayesha Imtiaz of Poetic Strokes, Abu Dhabi-based Arts and Culture organisation.

Talking about Naqsh and her work, Imtiaz said: “This is the first time Mona Naqsh is exhibiting her works in Abu Dhabi. Her works are not accessible through galleries. It is a rare occasion for art connoisseurs of Abu Dhabi to get a glimpse of the artist and her works together. We are sure you will appreciate the intricacy and spontaneity that each painting reveals.”

Naqsh’s works are available for private viewing in Abu Dhabi through appointments only and more details are available at