Dubai: Arab League concludes its regular meetings on the role of media in countering terrorism and hate speech, issues recommendations

Dubai The Arab League concluded on Tuesday its regular meetings held in Dubai to discuss the role of media in combating terrorism and hate speech. The three-day meetings, which commenced on November 17, were jointly hosted by the Dubai Press Club (DPC) and Watani Al Emarat Foundation, in collaboration with the Secretariat General of the Arab League.

The recommendations issued during a workshop titled “The Role of Media in Promoting Moderate Islamic Discourse and Combating Terrorism”, focused on the part played by media and religious discourse in instilling positive values and promoting tolerance in society.

The workshop called on the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO) to work with ministries of education and other concerned authorities in member states to review educational curricula in order to ensure they instill the values of tolerance and combat the spread of terrorist ideologies among youth.

The recommendations stressed the need for Arab TV channels to identify religious figures who can address the dangers of terrorism and extremist fatwas. It was recommended that member states establish research centers and promote research studies that reflect the views of the Arab League on ‘regional media security’.