Abu Dhabi: Donations and aid from across the UAE raised for Palestinians was timely and generous and was assisted by coverage in Gulf News, volunteers said here on Friday.

More than Dh1 million was donated to the Abu Dhabi-Palestinian Children's Relief Fund (AD-PCRF) in the last month, learns Gulf News.

"People were interested in donating in any way possible to help the Palestinians. Our volunteer group at the PCRF has reached more than 250 members from across the UAE, comprising people of different nationalities," said Doha Al Wazany, AD-PCRF representative.

After Gulf News published contacts for the AD-PCRF, Al Wazany said they received more than 10,000 phone calls from across the UAE.

Al Wazany, however, is still angry with other countries.

"If other countries were firm with Israel and stood hand in hand demanding a ceasefire, things would not have reached this far and the lives of innocent people could have been saved," she said.

Her greatest fear at the moment is for individuals.

"Even though we have witnessed a positive response in the past month, I get the feeling that people are starting to relax on the Gaza issue and there have been fewer donations coming in the past week than previous weeks.

"People should know that even if the firing stops for good, the damage has been done and the kids in particular need continuous support," she said. Commenting on what he called an ongoing hum-anitarian catastrophe in Gaza, Khalid Akbik, HR and administrative manager, described the death toll among Palestinian civilians and children as "horrendous".

"The so-called ceasefire is already falling apart. Arab leaders, who should form the backbone of our interests, are squabbling for their own interests and well-being. "The West is sending frigates instead of aid. In the midst of all this, Palestinians are left on their own to face the most tragic situation. It is deeply saddening," said Akbik.

Public relations and communications consultant Ammar Al Thuwaini is shocked, scared and disappointed by the immense destruction and loss of lives.

He said: "The Israeli leaders have proved to the modern world that they are uncivilised, brutal and lack basic human values."

He also blamed the United Nations Security Council for choosing to keep their relations with the US and Israel safe, claiming that if the victims were people from outside the Middle East, the Security Council and the US would have taken immediate action.

"The real reason behind the collapse of the ceasefire truce is that the concerned parties and governments did not intervene to prevent the worst humanitarian conditions among the people of Gaza, who faced a total blockade, with no access to food, water and electricity," he said.