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Sharjah: Sharjah Public Prosecution on Monday summoned and questioned an Indian woman who on November 12 posted a video with a desperate plea on Twitter to save her from her husband whom she accused of abusing her.

Sharjah Police immediately responded to the tweet and reached out to the woman who alleged she was violently assaulted and abused by her husband.

Jasmine Sultan, 33, from Bengaluru in India, told Gulf News on Monday that she went to Public Prosecution where she answered questions with the help of a translator and also submitted an application asking for help to send her back to her country along with her two kids.

She said she had sought help from the authorities as well as the Indian Embassy for their return as she had no relatives here nor the money to raise her children.

Jasmine said that their passports had been withheld by her husband and that he had taken away her jewellery worth Dh60,000.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old husband is still in police custody.

The case is being investigated by Sharjah Public Prosecution and has not yet been referred to the court.

The Twitter Post

Jasmine Sultan’s November 12 Twitter post showed her crying with one of her eyes bleeding.

The tweet said, “Required urgent help. My name Jasmine Sultan I live in UAE Sharjah my husband name is Mohammad Khizar Ulla…I have assaulted badly by husband …I want help”

Sultan told Gulf News she was very thankful to Sharjah Police for their swift response.

Police warning

Sharjah Police on their social media account said competent authorities were dealing with the case. They urged residents not to post or share such videos on social media due to its negative impact on society.

On what was being circulated through social media “about a woman of Asian nationality who was assaulted by her husband in the Emirate of Sharjah”, they had clarified that, “the case is being dealt with by competent authorities and Sharjah Police calls on members of the public not to circulate such cases because of its negative consequences in the community”.