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Department of Municipality and Transport's Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) launches awareness campaign to educate truck drivers on safety of tyres.

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is working to increase awareness about the importance of tyre safety among heavy vehicle drivers in the emirate.

In a statement, the Department of Municipality and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) said it was especially focussing on truck drivers visiting the Heavy Vehicle Control Station in Mussafah.

Organised in collaboration with Road Safety UAE awareness platform and the Al Masaood Group, the programme aims to reduce traffic incidents during the summer months. The heightened temperatures during this time can increase the risk of tyre blowouts, so the campaign encourages drivers to regularly check their tyres.

Through the initiative, the ITC aims to meet the Abu Dhabi Joint Committee for Traffic Safety’s vision of eliminating road fatalities in the emirate.