Abu Dhabi: The third batch of Emirati engineers and physicists have completed their one-year intensive nuclear regulatory development programme at the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

The programme graduates, comprising seven young Emiratis, are to begin their nuclear career at the authority.

During the year, they gained fundamental training to understand the technical concepts applicable to nuclear engineering, radiation safety and nuclear regulation.

Shaima Al Mansoori, Director of Education and Training at the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, said, “Ensuring the sustainability in the nuclear sector in the UAE tops our priority. FANR’s flagship Developer Engineers Programme plays an indispensable role in building the Emirati cadre who will shoulder an important responsibility in the sector. Today, we mark the culmination of efforts made by them during the year and they are ready and equipped to start their nuclear regulatory career at FANR.”

Since 2016, 24 students graduated from the programme, which is based on a modular approach with a mix of both technical and soft skills development as well as a rotation plan in FANR’s various operational departments (such as nuclear safety, security, safeguard and radiation safety) to learn the various functions of the nuclear regulator. The latest group also underwent four two-week job rotation modules and a study tour to France to visit nuclear and radiation application facilities.

With the addition of the new graduates, the authority now has a core of Emirati engineers and physicists who represent its commitment to overseeing peaceful, safe and secure nuclear activities in the UAE. FANR currently employs 245 people, 66 per cent of whom are Emiratis.