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Ramadan is best spent home with family, reflect and become closer to god, but different situations may require you to travel and those travel timings may coincide with your fast.

Take a look at some of these tips we listed to help you make it easy upon yourself and not miss out on fasting while travelling this Ramadan.

Plan your trip wisely

One of the first factors to consider before travelling are the times for iftar and suhour. It is best to inquire at your hotel for any nearby mosques or search online for Muslim communities based on the country you’re visiting. It brings comfort to know that you are not alone practicing Ramadan traditions in a foreign land. Upon booking, inform your hotel in advance if you have special requests or needs and get recommendations on where it is best to pray and eat.

Skip the fast for later

Little does everyone know that aside from the little ones, elderly, the sick and women with periods (who make up for the days after Ramadan), travellers are also exempted from fasting.

However, if you skip fasting, this be made up once travel is complete. Or to make up for days you didn't fast, fast later in the year. If you really don't want to miss out on fasting, then make sure your flight is sheduled after Iftar. 

Keep an emergency iftar kit

A lot of things happen during a trip. Wheather it's dealing with delayed flights, getting stuck in heavy traffic, or lost baggages. Make sure to keep a small packet of dates in your bag or a protein bar as well as a bottle of water to maintain your energy levels in the event of a delay and you need to break the fast.

Before reaching the hotel, stock up on some food for suhour. Have enough to make you last the whole day while scouting for a nearby restaurant that serves halal food for your iftar.

Get smart with Ramadan apps

Download all the right apps, to keep track of prayer times, to help you locate mosques, as well as Halal restaurants. Download HalalTrip to find mosques, restaurants and Muslim-friendly hotels in your new location. iOS and Android users can also download Muslim Pro for an entire copy of the Qu’ran.

Break the fast where and when the sun sets

Always break your fast when the sun sets in your destination no matter how short the trip is or wherever you are. The time zone of the country where you left and began fasting does not really matter. Remember, make sure the sun has already set before allowing yourself an iftar.