Abu Dhabi: At least 231 kilograms of heroin was seized in an Asian country last month after they were tipped off with intelligence information provided by the Abu Dhabi Police.

The smugglers were transporting the heroin on a fishing boat and were planning to sell the narcotics in another Asian country before they were caught and arrested thanks to the tip-off by the Abu Dhabi Police.

Colonel Tahir Gareeb Al Dahiri, director of the Drug Control Directorate in the Criminal Security Sector, said the information was the result of a successful investigation which was able to uncover the group’s operation as well as the ship’s destination.

Al Dahiri said the investigation’s findings were passed on to security authorities in the Asian country where the ship was heading, which led to the arrests of two Asian suspects including the main trafficker as well as the seizure of the large quantity of heroin.

General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, praised the successful operation and said that working with international partners to stop crime was crucial. “Abu Dhabi Police cooperation with its counterparts is essential to enhance international efforts to combat drug smuggling, in order to ensure safety and security of the communities,” Al Sharifi said.

A liaison officer working at the embassy of the Asian country that intercepted the heroin also expressed their appreciation for the Abu Dhabi Police and their cooperation, which led to the successful bust of the smuggling attempt.