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Ajman: The Traffic and Patrols Department at the Ajman Police General Command seized 1,565 vehicles through the smart vehicle “house arrest” system for violating cars in 2023.

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The ease and effectiveness of the service have driven demand and satisfaction from customers, a senior official said.

Lt. Col. Rashid Humaid bin Hindi, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Ajman Police General Command, explained that since the launch of the smart vehicle impoundment system, the service has witnessed an increasing demand from the public to impound their violating vehicles in their private parking lots instead of the car impoundment yard.

This allows them to take care of it during the detention period and protects it from being affected by weather conditions, knowing that they are allowed to operate and move it within a radius of thirty metres from the place of detention.

Lt. Col. bin Hindi indicated that Ajman Police made it possible to implement the service in any emirate of the country for a service fee of Dh500 for the first month, and Dh100 for each additional month.

The official added that the customer can request the service by coming with his vehicle to the Traffic and Licensing Services Center and submitting the request.

How it works

Under the system, a satellite-connected kit is installed in the impounded vehicle to ensure it will not leave its place.

Then a technical team installs the device and connects it electronically to the central violations system and the 24-hour monitoring system. If the vehicle is moved for more than 30 metres, the vehicle will be subject to a financial fine and a new impoundment period.

This smart vehicles impoundment system makes it easier for the public to impound their cars in their houses instead having them impounded in the police designated yards.

The electronic kit allows the police central operations room to know when it is moved before the end of the impoundment period.

To avail of the service, the force receives requests from the public through the traffic and licensing department for impounding their vehicles in their houses.

A new fine and a new impoundment period will be imposed on the vehicle in case it is moved from its place.

The smart system protects the vehicles from being affected by weather conditions, and alleviates the issue of lack of space at the police designated yards.