Boat fire pictures courtesy Civil Defense

Dubai: Dubai Civil Defence rescued 14 sailors on Sunday after a fire broke out on a boat near the Floating Bridge on Dubai Creek.

Dubai Civil Defence spokesman told Gulf News that the fire which started at 7:41am was put out at around 9am.

He said: “Our teams reached the spot in few minutes and rescued the 14 sailors from the burning boat. No one was injured in the accident.

Dubai Police cordoned off the Floating Bridge as a team from Dubai Civil Defence rushed to the site to put out the fire. The bridge was temporarily shut and motorists were advised by the police to use alternative roads.

The new firefighting system called the Dolphin, which was launched recently, participated in operation. "It was the first mission for the Dolphin in a real fire situation and it was really fast and effective in extinguishing the fire,” the spokesman added.

The system includes a jet ski and a jetpack that allows civil defence teams to tackle blazes from the water.

The burnt vessel carrying goods was towed to a nearby port where it was inspected by Dubai Police to ascertain the cause the fire.