The summit in Dubai will feature 15 inspiring speeches and host 200 companies producing digital content showcasing the latest technologies.

Dubai:More than 3,000 content creators from around the world have gathered in Dubai to participate in the 1 Billion Followers Summit.

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the highly anticipated second edition of the 1 Billion Followers Summit 2024 kicks off on Wednesda, January 10. 2024.

Hosted at the Museum of the Future and Emirates Towers in Dubai, this global gathering for digital content creators on social media will attract 7,000 participants, including 3,000 influencers and content creators from around the world, accompanied by 100 CEOs.

With an expansive following exceeding 1.6 billion, the opening at the “Creators Arena” in Emirates Towers will see the presence of distinguished government officials and international influencers, marking a significant moment in the world of digital content creation.

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The event will host 195 speakers (from 95 countries) who are world-leading social media pioneers.

The two-day summit will be home to 100 activities and 24 panel discussions, hosting 195 speakers from 95 countries. These speakers, world-leading social media pioneers, will discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the creative industries, digital media, investment, finance, and business.

The summit will also feature 15 inspiring speeches and host 200 companies producing digital content showcasing the latest technologies.

Passion and professionalism on Day 1

At the Creator’s Arena, Day 1 of the 1 Billion Followers Summit discussions will include “No Game, No Fame,” part of the Get Ahead Track, covering sports influencers. Football fanatics and content creators Amr Nassouhy, Abdullah Al Noaimi, and Musaed Al Fouzan, known as M12 Fouzan, will discuss the highs and lows, passion balancing, and online navigation.

Travel influencers Kasem ElHato, known as “Ibn Hattuta”, Walid Elmusrati, Kareem Al Sayed, and Khoubaib Kouas will reveal secrets and personal experiences in the ‘Get Paid to Travel the World’ session, moderated by Fuad Almasoud.

Meanwhile, the Museum of the Future Stage will organise the “Money Mindset for Creators” panel discussion featuring Riyadh Al Zamil, Amr Mansi, Elie Habib, and moderator Mohamad Fattal. The panel “You’re Allowed to Take Breaks,” led by Omar Al Heloo with Saif Al Dhahab, Haifa Beseisso, known as “Fly With Haifa”, and Raghda Taleen, will share actionable steps to prevent creator burnout while maintaining consistency.

“Your Smart Manager” will feature Mohamad Fattal, Ahmad Mahmood, and Hussein Al Atoli, sharing insights on professionally elevating content creation expertise. “Become Your Own Brand Ambassador,” featuring Rizwan Sajan and Mohanad Alwadiya, moderated by Mohamed Zidan, will unveil secrets of leveraging personal influence for business success.

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The session “Turning Your Passion into a Paycheck!” with Farah El Kordy, Mohamed Beiraghdary, known as “Mo Vlogs”, and Raghad Fahmi, moderated by Razan Amoush, aims to debunk the myth of the ‘starving artist.’

“Blowing Minds One View at a Time” brings Adil Taouil, Amine Aouni, and Rawaa Jallad, led by Sufyan Alhussein, together to discuss the art of crafting visual masterpieces. The session “Turning Your Passion into a Paycheck!” with Farah El Kordy, Mohamed Beiraghdary, known as “Mo Vlogs”, and Raghad Fahmi, moderated by Razan Amoush, aims to debunk the myth of the ‘starving artist.’

The Museum of the Future Stage will host “A Creator’s Guide to a Healthy Mind.” Fares Ghandour, Kareem Esmail, and Rajeh Al Harthi, moderated by Abdullah AlRaesi, will explore the importance of mental well-being.

The ‘From Phone Screens to Theatre Screenings’ panel discussion, led by Rajeh Al Harthi, will feature Faris Godus, Sohayb Godus, and Njm, exploring how they expanded their influence beyond social media.

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The second day includes 12 panel discussions covering topics such as creativity, branding, artificial intelligence, family business dynamics, and the future of content creation.

Insights from top influencers on Day 2

Day 2 begins with “Walk the Line, or Die Trying”, featuring Ahmed Albasheer and Malek Maktabi, discussing smart and honest commentary without causing harm or controversy. Meanwhile, “A Good Deed Goes a Long Way” with Zachery Dereniowski and Prajakta Koli will showcase the power of compassion.

An anticipated discussion titled ‘Please Be Funny,’ will feature internet personalities Wessam Qutob, Mohammed Shamsi (Imeeto), Saad Abdullah, and Ibrahim Almarrawi (Barhom). In the ‘How Should Content Creators Speak to Brands?’ session, Erica Williams, Jack Appleby, Osama Marwah, and Max Klymenko, moderated by Eyad Seyam, will discuss the dynamics of how content creators engage with brands and build partnerships while preserving their own identities and originality.

At the Museum of the Future Stage, “Podcast Pitfalls and What to Look Out For,” featuring Bassel Alzaro and Tarek Sekik, moderated by Beki Ksri, will recount tales of failures and lessons. “Influence is our Biggest Investment” with Ashraf Ibrahim, Talal Al Ajmi, and Ahmed Almarzooqi, will offer perspectives on the role of influencers in market dynamics.

“Your Brand is Their Identity” brings together Nicolas Nath, Dr. Lal Bhatia, Sara Al Madani, and BJ Life, offering tips for creating a brand that transcends products. “When Should You Leave Your Job?,” with Nasser Al Aqil and Eman Sobhy, moderated by Abdallah Al Marzooqi, will share insights on transitioning to full-time content creation.

Meanwhile, the session “What Will Companies Spend on Creators Next Year?” with Fabienne Fourquet, Gurpeet Singh, Phil Ranta, and moderator Jim Louderback will explore the future of creator funding. The session “The Hidden Gems of X” featuring Eyad AlHamoud, Hamad AlMajidi, and Dr. Adil Sajwani, moderated by Mohammad Al Jabery, promises insights on increasing followers.

“Make Knowledge Pop,” featuring Hasan Hashem, Ahmed Abouzaid (Droos Online), Abdallah Annan (Science Street), and moderator Mahmoud Ismail, will discuss edutainment. “AI Can Do It Better, and It’s Okay” with Diya Wynn, Andrew Jackson, and Khaled Zaatarah, moderated by Yousef Abdelbary, explores the ethical use of creative AI.

Inspiring talks, sessions, and keynotes

Leading digital content creators will meet in more than 15 live sessions to discuss challenges and issues in social media. Among them are Khaby Lame, British businessman Steven Bartlett, and Ahmed Abou Hashima.

The summit also hosts over 100 CEOs and business leaders in various sectors, highlighting developments in investment, business, and content industry economics. Prominent guests include Tom Bilyeu, Elie Habib, Rizwan Sajan, and Vishen Lakhiani.

The second edition of the 1 Billion Followers Summit will host more than 20 workshops, presented by experts like Salah Abo El Magd, Kareem Esmail, and Dhruv Rathee, equipping 3,000 content creators with strategic skills to achieve steady incomes and connect with billions online. The summit’s four tracks are “Get Ahead”, “Get Paid”, “Get Creative” and “Get Connected”.