The layout of a single bedroom with desert views from a Mysk property Image Credit: Supplied

Shurooq launched the Sharjah Collection by Mysk, a boutique hotel concept, as part of its ongoing strategy to promote the Emirate as one of the region’s leading cultural tourist spots. Mysk by Shaza through The Sharjah Collection unveils the soul of Sharjah and reveals the essence of this Emirate through the balance of luxurious accommodation, heritage and a unique ecosystem, Arabian culture and hospitality. Consisting of the Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Mysk Al Badayer Retreat and Mysk Al Faya Retreat, the Sharjah Collection by Mysk is a group of distinctive boutique hotels, ecoretreats purposefully located in key locations throughout Sharjah.

Mysk Kingfisher Retreat

Located on Sharjah’s east coast, arrive at the resort on a private boat that takes you to your private island with a modern tent and its own private pool designed to provide comfort, privacy and amazing views of the Indian Ocean.

Experience With exclusive access to a pristine ecosystem that embraces its Arabian heritage, Kingfisher Retreat provides you with a world-class luxurious experience. Enjoy unique and remarkable team building activities, workshops and small conferences with its intimate meeting room that can seat upto 20 people.

Activities Learn and practice an ancient craft at the archery range, savour the tranquillity as you kayak through mangroves, watch sea turtles hatch, nest and swim, and catch a glimpse of many rare bird species and the wildlife that all define Khor Kalba as a globally important wetland. Inhouse guests get to enjoy diving, kayak excursions, stand-up paddle boarding, nature walks all along the Watchtowers trek, cycling Wadi Helo or across Kalba, and visiting the Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre or the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre.

Tents Kingfisher Retreat consists of 20 luxurious tents, each designed to provide comfort, privacy and amazing views of the Indian Ocean and that come with a private plunge pool and barbecue.

Dining It’s a healthy organic culinary experience in store for in-house as well as walk-in guests at the Kingfisher Retreat, with all-day dining. On offer are some exceptional dining experiences including picnic at the beachm a romantic cabana dinner and self-BBQ at the tent.

Poolside at the Al Faya Retreat Image Credit: Supplied

Mysk Al Faya Retreat

Mleiha is home to significant sites including Bronze Age tombs, historical caves and pre-Islamic forts. A wealth of fascinating artefacts, from camel skeletons to pottery and iron tools have been discovered here, with many on display in the outstanding Mleiha Archaeological Centre. The foothills of sandy mountains play host to one of the region’s most unique hotels with the Mysk Al Faya Retreat rising out of the enchanting dunes that surround it.

Activities Offering a boutique experience like no other Mysk Al Faya Retreat presents guests the opportunity to explore the true beauty of the Mleiha region, which was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rooms With just five rooms, Al Faya Retreat’s contemporary feel masterfully combines aspects of originality, blended together with luxe modernity. Bedrooms feature a skylight for stargazing at night with a fire pit primed for recapping the day’s many adventures.

Dining The roadhouse type concept of the Rock Restaurant at Mysk Al Faya Retreat provides an intimate and private setting, with a seating capacity of approximately 40 guests. Guests can enjoy contemporary à la carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with dishes including mohalla, khoboz khameer and mezze platters.

Spa A private sanctuary only available to in-house guests, the spa at Mysk Al Faya Retreat is based on the element of salt. The 118sqm spa offers thermal and relaxation experiences that touch on the five senses. Facilities include a salt inhalation room, a shower walk, herbal sauna and a 128sqm outdoor saltwater pool.

A bird's eye view of the Al Badayer Retreat Image Credit: Supplied

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat

Close your eyes and imagine a caravanserai coming along the Silk Road. That would be the perfect example of what the Mysk Al Badayer Retreat presents. A picturesque desert stop set against the sweeping dunes of central Sharjah.

Activities Spend the day lounging as you enjoy the sun’s kisses on your skin, experience the art of henna or go on an adrenaline-fueled adventure exploring the desert’s gems with desert safaris, sand boarding, dune bashing, stargazing and falconry displays.

Tents and rooms Choose between staying in a fully equipped, luxurious tent or in a room depending on the journey you would like to foster.


Al MADAM With a seating capacity of 88 guests, Al Madam is characterised by a contemporary design and interpretation of a modern-day eatery with elements of local charm. It offers a buffet breakfast, either buffet/prefixed menu for lunch/dinner and an à la carte menu covering international and regional fare.