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Travelling means different things to different people and we totally get that. Here are our top picks for every kind of traveller.

1. The beach body – Maldives/Goa

So you love azure beaches, sunny days and brown tans, our top recommendation is Maldives if you have money (we have an extremely happy and brown person in the team who attests to the fact) or Goa for the budget traveller.

2. The reader – Bali

When you want to read and just chill, Bali in Indonesia would be our favourite choice.  Get in touch with the local people, rent a small airy house, hire a bike and live life like a lazy bum – our dream life.

3. The snow lover – Canada


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For someone who hasn’t seen snow (the writer), going someplace where it snows is a big deal – of course until the said person freezes their fingers off. However, Canada is our top pick for this kind of traveller and we think Montreal or Toronto would be best as city choices.

4. The road tripper – India

There is nothing that can be compared to this road trip or bike trip, famously known as the Leh-Ladakh route. Snow-capped mountains, curving roads, beautiful people, an unseen side of India and amazing memories is all we can promise.

5. The mountain climber – Tanzania/Washington

For the trekker, hiker and mountain climber we suggest Mount Baker in Washington for beginners (takes just a day) or Kilimanjaro, Tanzania for the more zealous traveller (to 19,336 feet). While these may not exactly tax an experienced climber, our recommendations are great for those of you who’re just starting to get the hang of this.

6. The shopper – London

London is our shopping destination to be at because we can find high-end brands to one-pound items – all of which we love. Being less expensive than UAE in general, you can splurge some and save some here. Primark is a frequently haunted spot for the shopper in our team.

7. The art connoisseur – Italy

There is only one place for you my fellow soul – Italy. Just to be in proximity to the mind-blowing works of art in Italy, be it Rome, Venice or Florence, this trip is a must-do for everyone. All you need to decide is if you want to do them all or do them all.

8. The foodie – France


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The food culture in France is what we love the most. The elegance and care given to just the whole experience of eating amazes us and would amaze you too. Sitting in a Parisian cafΓ©, waited on by someone speaking English in a French accent – how different from Dubai could it get anywhere else?

9. The adventurer – New Zealand

This destination is for those fanatics who love to jump off things including boats, planes, buildings, mountains and more. And we have just the place for you – New Zealand!