When heading off on a staycation, there is almost no problem bringing all the things you would just like to take Image Credit: Shutterstock

A staycation, somewhere by the sea, sounds quite appealing and we were sort of leaning in that direction anyway. Now is the time to listen to the reassuring whisper of the pro-staycationer. You might even find there are upsides to a holiday close to home. For example…

No airports

To state the obvious. If you could expect an hour to get through security BC (Before Corona) then AC you’re talking, what, five hours? Seven?

No packing stress

Think about that for just a minute. Consider the packing challenge with the carry on-size case and the tiny bottles and your task is to: assemble all the things you will definitely need, and all the things you would just like to take and... urgh... already too many things. Whereas, when heading off on a staycation, you can take all of it! Fill the car up to the roof with everything, including your favourite hard-to-get chilli sauce, special neck pillow, giant pump dispenser of moisturiser, sunhats the size of satellite dishes (not getting those on any plane)...

No Kindle

Maybe you love a Kindle on holiday; any book you like delivered to your screen at the touch of a button etc. Or maybe you want to take a ton of actual books? In which case, knock yourself out, just stack them up in the boot.

Saving money

None of that tea glass and hammam towels utterly pointless shopping. No paying for beach club entry ticket or to see the garden of the house where Dali lived. Could go on... Just So Much Cheaper to stay put.

No sun cream

Maybe a bit, now and then, but not that all over body and earlobes routine that, frankly, makes you wonder why you’re putting yourself through all this.

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