Sharjah Labour Sports Festival is back
Sharjah Labour Sports Festival is back Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah (LSDA) has launched the fourth edition of the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament that is scheduled to run from February 5 to April 2.

Matches for various of sporting disciplines will be held every Friday at the Sharjah Sports Council’s playgrounds situated at the Sharjah National Park, opposite the Sharjah International Airport, from 8am to 11am and from 1pm to 5pm.

Organised by the LSDA in cooperation with the Sharjah Sports Council and Teach Target Sports Company, the sports festival is expected to draw attention from many more corporates from the private and public sectors this time.

So far, the five sports disciplines have attracted a strong response with cricket (25 teams) and football (20 teams) leading the way followed by basketball (12), volleyball (12) and hockey (12).

“We are expecting an excess of 1,200 players being engaged in this sports festival that is meant to bring the labour community together on a single platform throughout these two months of competitions,” Salem Yousuf Al Qaseer, Chairman of LSDA, informed.

“We are following strict health protocols during this time of the pandemic and we will take extra precautions to ensure the safety of all involved,” he assured.

All five sports will see the teams divided into groups during the league stages after which they will be involved in the knockout rounds. Winning teams will be entitled to trophies and a share of the total prize money amounting to Dhs 250,000 for all five disciplines.

“Sports brings together individuals and communities irrespective of their nationality and ethnicity. It plays an important role in developing the spirit of cooperation and competition among all, and contributes to building bridges of acquaintance between all. All these values are integral parts of the LSDA’s strategy that has been developed under the direct supervision of our leaders,” Al Qaseer said.

“This is the first of its kind tournament which aims to promote teamwork as the base of sport and a healthy relationship between workers and employers,” he noted.

Tariq Salem Al Khanbashi, founder and director of organisers Reach Target Sports Services, said: “We are pleased to be partners in organising the fourth edition of the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament, and ready to exert all efforts needed to contribute to the success of this competition.”