Football action from week three of the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Sixth Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament, organized by the Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah, continued for the third week with great success on the sports fields of Sharjah National Park.

About 2,000 players distributed on more than 100 teams representing government and private institutions are competing in football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and hockey.

The tournament aims at strengthening ties among workers and providing them with the chance to fairly compete. The tournament also aims at providing Sharjah sports clubs with a chance to seek new talents.

Promoting sports

In the third week 23 strong matches were played in 4 sports, reflects the interest of the UAE in general and the Emirate of Sharjah in particular in promoting sports for the vital role it plays in health care and combating current lifestyle diseases, as well as highlighting the skills of the players.

LSDA Chairman Salem Youssef Al Qaseer, praised the level of the tournament and the high skills shown by the players, making it an opportunity to discover talented players. He said LSDA will facilitate for the clubs to seek such talents.

Some 12 matches were played in football, 3 in basketball, and 4 in each of volleyball and hockey, while the cricket teams were unable to play in the morning due to the prevailing weather conditions and rain.

In football, Al Hassan FC defeated its counterpart, Sharjah Municipality team, 3-0, and Chadian community team defeated Sportni 3-0 as well. Black Phone defeated Saned 5-3, and On Plan Real-estate defeated Zed Pro FC 3-2. Americana team defeated Bee’ah team 8-0 and Grinta team defeated Sharjah Archaeology Authority 3-0. Al Hilal team defeated Admirals team 2-0, and Sharjah Police team tied with Al Haiba Real-estate team 1-1. The Sharjah Immigration team defeated Al Hijl team 8-4 and Hassan Malatem group defeated Jafar 6-3. Sharjah Co-op team defeated Al Asdiqaa team 2-0 and Fast Contracting beat the Smart Alert 5-1.

Strong matches

The strong basketball competitions resulted in the victory of Fast Contracting team over Friend team 54-16, Old Gun team defeated Sharjah Co-op team 26-29 and the UAS team won GMG team 38-40.

In volleyball, Sharjah Police team defeated the Bee’ah Blue team 2-0, Bee’ah Turq team defeated Bee’ah Orange team 2-1, Clubdunes team defeated Saned team 2-0, and Friends team defeated Sharjah Airport team 2-0.

The hockey tournament witnessed 4 strong matches, during the third week of the sixth ongoing edition of the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament. Sharjah Police team defeated Sri Lion team 8-1. Dubai Scarlet team defeated Sharjah Municipality team 8-1 as well. Sri Lion defeated Accipiter 3-1, and Sharjah Municipality team defeated Khalifa team, 5-0.