Mohammed Bin Sulayem Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Plans to launch motorsport’s first talent development model will be unveiled at the FIA Sport Regional Congress for the Middle East and North Africa which began in Muscat on Monday.

The initiative is designed to reinforce efforts to attract a steady flow of young people into motorsport, which FIA regional Vice-President for sport, Mohammed Bin Sulayem, says is facing a survival issue.

Sulayem, President of the Emirates Motorsports Organisation (EMSO), has commissioned a study into the challenge faced by motorsport worldwide to bring in young talent in order to preserve its future.

The model will be tabled at the Congress, to be attended by FIA President Jean Todt and officials from 20 MENA region national motorsport authorities, by Professor David Hassan, one of the world’s leading experts in sport management. “Drivers are our customers, and if we don’t have a steady stream of young people into our sport not only are we failing in our duty as ASNs (motorsport authorities), but we will go out of business in the future,” said Sulayem “It is a survival issue.”

Professor Hassan, Associate Dean at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, has published 15 books and 175 other scientific outputs, having worked collaboratively with academic researchers from around the globe.