Mike Tyson, pictured here with Serena Williams, is known for self-promotion stunts. Image Credit: Mike Tyson Instagram

Dubai: Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has taken cheap shot at Jon Jones, arguably the greatest fighter in MMA history, by stating that no matter how good he is or how he much earns, he will never be richer than a first-class boxer.

Interestingly Tyson, who has spent the bigger part of his $300 million boxing fortune and is estimated to be worth just $3 million, was targeting Jones whose bank account boasts a respectable $10 million.

Tyson, 53, has not fought professionally since 2005, but may actually come out of retirement to help raise money for charity and also potentially challenge Jones to a fight.

During a recent Instagram live, Tyson attacked the UFC’s pay scales and said: “A UFC (fighter) will never be richer than a first class (boxer).

“To make a hundred million dollars, Conor (McGregor) had to fight Floyd (Mayweather, in the boxing ring) Even if he (McGregor) fights Jon Jones, he’s not going to get that. Jon Jones gotta fight me to make some super money.”

Responding to Tyson’s suggestion, Jones said he would step into the ring to fight the veteran, provided Tyson returns the favour and accepts return fight in the octagon.

Taking to Twitter, Jones wrote: “I’m listening Mike Tyson. I’ll box you in the ring if you promise to give me a real fight in the Octagon afterward. And because I respect you so much, I promise I won’t break anything on you.”

Jones has lost just once in 27 bouts, via a controversial disqualification for an illegal downward elbow against Matt Hamill in 2009 — ruling that has been strongly refuted by the UFC.

Jon Jones is one of the biggest names in UFC.

In recent times, Jones has said he may quit the UFC due to poor pay.

Speaking on Twitter he reached out to up-and-coming fighters saying: “Advice to you Young fighters, if you’re hot right now. Get paid. As much as the UFC is building your brand, you are building theirs.

“If you think your biggest paydays will come after being with the company for a while. You are wrong.”

So by the looks of it, one thing is clear — the need for money seems to have triggered Tyson’s UFC jibe with Jones, seeming to agree with him on this count.