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Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News

For Dubai-based American Marlon Weir, dressing well is good manners. It’s a philosophy that’s earned him the nickname ‘The Dandy’ among those who know him — and also his Instagram name @desertdandy.

It’s also led him to win the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes best dressed competition twice. “I don’t just do this for the races,” Weir tells Gulf News tabloid!. “Everyday is my dressed day until the next day. Men have it in them, [and] I want to encourage their inner dandy to come out and shine.”

Weir gave Gulf News tabloid! a sneak peek into his preparations for this year’s Dubai World Cup Style Stakes, to be held on the sidelines of the richest horse race on March 30 at Meydan. Here are excerpts from our interaction:

How far ahead do you start preparing for the Dubai World Cup?

I start preparing for the races at least two to three months before the event.

How much do you spend for the entire process?

I spend on average Dh2,000 to Dh5,000 for an entire look. With regards to clothing, The Custom Shop New York is quite reasonable for such high quality and professional tailoring service and experience.

Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News

You’ve won this twice. Tell me how it felt the first time.

To win the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes felt incredible both times. To have the judges and the audience appreciate my personal style, aesthetic and swag was a very euphoric feeling. My gratitude is always quite high, but those experiences were exhilarating. I felt the need to express these sentiments: ‘Life is beautiful, live on!’

How important is grooming for men?

Grooming is absolutely paramount. Gone are the days of the rough and rugged man. The gentleman is making a resurgence in all his dandy glory. The details matter so much. I will get my manicure, pedicure and massage a couple of days before the event at the Jazz Lounge (they are so amazing!). I get a fresh haircut, facial and shave a couple days before the event at MK Barbershop, they have such an excellent service offering and talented staff. Men really need to take care of their grooming needs, we deserve it.

You are a veteran at the Style Stakes. What are some of the biggest mistakes male participants often make?

I wouldn’t say any particular mistake is made. We all have our own personal style and ways to express ourselves. The judges’ minds are not easy to read and they are not easily impressed. One has to just put their best foot forward, pay attention to details and have a little bit of luck on their side.

Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News

Why do you keep going back to the Style Stakes?

I feel like the Dubai World Cup is the absolute best social and sporting event of the whole year. I love equestrian pursuits and I think jockeys are such great sports people (and obviously they have swag — look at their jerseys!). The event seems to bring out the best in everyone as well — the royal family comes out in all their pageantry and that looks wonderful. Most important for me is the styles, colours and looks you see on everyone. Even your mate that treats everyday like ‘casual day’ will make an effort and actually be presentable.

Give us a hint of what we can expect from your outfit this year.

My outfit this year is top secret of course. I am working diligently with my master tailor at The Custom Shop New York to make something extra special that will be a visual treat for the esteemed crowd. What I can say is that it will be ‘photoshoot fresh!’

Don’t miss it!

Tickets for Apron Views where the Meydan Style Stakes takes place are priced at Dh350, inclusive of access to the after-race concert featuring Gwen Stefani. Go to dubaiworldcup.com.