Stephen Lee (US) winner of the Men's Division with officials and dignitaries. Image Credit: Supplied

Stephen Lee (US), Hussain Al Baloushi (Oman) and Hashem Shana'ah (Jordan) were the respective divisional winners of the recent tournament on the Oman International Amateur Golf Tour 2022 held at Ghala Golf Club, Muscat.

The 54 hole tournament was organised by Golf Events Management and attracted

players from 10 different countries (Oman, UAE, USA, Jordan, Japan, India, UK, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan) and received R&A World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) points.

The tournament has different categories, the main one being the Men’s Division won by Stephen Lee (US), who travelled specifically to Oman from the US for this event and shot a score of 230. Tied in second place was the Sri Lankan player Ruwan Jayasinghe and home player Bader Al Amri, both players shooting 236.

In the Senior Gross Division the Omani player Hussain Dad Al Balushi took the top prize followed by Rizmy Shariff (Sri Lanka) who came second.

The Senior Net Division winner was the Omani player Mubarak Al Hassani.

The Jordanian star Hashem Shana'ah was the Junior Divisional winner followed by Dineth Jayasinghe (Sri Lanka).

Very happy

The youngest player in the event was Yusuf Al Rumhy (Oman).

The champion Lee said at the prize presentation, "I am very happy to both play and win this well organised event, thanks to both the organisers and the golf club for hosting such an event."

"What is especially exciting this week, is to have the chance to earn R&A WAGR points from this tournament, which is credit to the organisers," concluded Lee.

Abedallah Shana'ah, Managing Director of Golf Events Management commented, "The cooperation between Golf Events Management and Ghala Golf Club continues to add value to this tournament and other similar initiatives. We want to organise more events in Oman, this beautiful country that has an appetite for golf and golf tournaments."