London: Former England and Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has apologised to France and former Manchester United full-back Patrice Evra for wearing T-shirts in support of Luis Suarez after the Uruguayan racially abused the Frenchman in 2011.

“There is no doubt we made a massive mistake. That was obvious. We got to the ground, had our lunch and then had a team meeting — I don’t know if it was the manager (Kenny Dalglish) or (coach) Steve Clarke — asking one of the players if he was still wearing the shirt, and that is the first I had heard of it,” Carragher was quoted as saying by BBC.

“I am not lying and saying I wasn’t part of it because as the club we got it wrong, and I was vice-captain. I am not sure who was actually behind it. I don’t think it had anything to do with the manager Kenny. I think it was the players who were close to Luis in the dressing room, who really wanted to support their mate.”

Suarez was handed an eight-match suspension by the Football Association on December 21 after a two-month investigation.

“Maybe I have to look at myself now and say I did not have the courage as an individual to say ‘I am not wearing it’. I don’t think everyone within Liverpool Football Club thought what we were doing was right but I do think as a football club, or you as a family, your first reaction is to support them even if you know that they are wrong, and that is wrong.”