Virat Kohli, Indian cricket captain, enjoys a haircut by wife Anushka Sharma as they stay at home during the country-wide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: With cricket now being more of a money-generating business than a sport, professional cricketers are among the busiest sportsmen worldwide almost round the year. The COVID-19 crisis, however, has put an end to all cricket matches domestic, as well as international.

Speaking to Gulf News, former Indian cricketer Roger Binny had once remarked: “During our playing days, we used to be so busy that we used to yearn for more time with the family at home; but the demands of the game made us postpone it for later. So maybe we get that time after our cricketing days.”

However, for the first time, all active cricketers are staying home and for most of them, this is an unchartered territory with no idea of how to spend time. Many of them have posted on twitter and Instagram as to what they have been doing, instead of their regular bowling, batting, or keeping wickets.

Legendary West Indies batsman Chris Gayle was seen wearing a superhero-like suit while doing his workout with the chart-topper ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor playing in the background. A few cricketers were seen busy with their pets. In fact, the pets seem to be very happy to have their masters with them for a longer time than ever before!

Indian captain Virat Kohli, who along with his wife Anushka Sharma had posted a number of awareness messages, was seen enjoying a haircut given by his wife.

India’s top-order batsman K.L Rahul, who has been in top form this season and also kept wickets, is busy with his pet dogs, Chow Chow and Simba. Rahul also tweeted a video of him doing a number of indoor exercises.

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson posted a video of him playing catch practice with his dog Sandy at first slip position, and remarked: “Sandy in the slips. Any other dogs joining Sandy at slips?”

Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah is busy with gardening, and he posted pictures of him watering his plants at his home. He has called himself an “Amateur Gardener” in the tweet.

Australian opener David Warner keeps himself busy listening to music, but at the same time does catch practice with a tennis racquet. The video of him taking catches with his daughter watching him has been posted on his Instagram. He also revealed that he has been doing Tik Tok videos with Kane Williamson.

Australian great Steve Smith said he is shadow-batting at home and jokingly asks in his twitter whether he needed to wear gloves for this?

Australian team coach Justin Langer revealed that he is enjoying home-cooked food and being with his four daughters. He went on to mention that three of his daughters have lost their jobs like many others in Australia.

England wicketkeeper Jos Butler does Pilates in his full cricket gear with his wife Louise who is a Pilates instructor while compatriot Ian Bell was seen practising a cover drive with a toilet roll.

International umpire Aleem Dar is busy ensuring from his home that his restaurant named ‘Dar’s Delighto’ in Lahore provides free food to the unemployed.

Indian batsman Rohit Sharma revealed that doing household work has become his fitness routine. “We don’t get these opportunities, and I am learning how to get it done. This has become my fitness (routine) now.”

All members of the South African cricket team, meanwhile, are undergoing a 14-day period of self-isolation and social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus following their return from an aborted tour of India.