Kirsteen Thain, founder of Get Fit Chick UAE Image Credit: Supplied

What are the key features of this programme?

The programme is for eight-weeks with five training sessions per week. Participants will get tailor-made diet plans, travel and home workout guide and access to a coach.

What kind of exercises will one get to do?

Spinning, circuit work, ‘Upper Cut’ for upper body and ‘Heavy legs day’ are some of the regimes in the programme.

We mix interval training and circuit training, strength cycles, conditioning, endurance and more. We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, sliders, boxes, step ups, squat racks, slam balls, med balls and more.

How much weight can one lose through the programme?

It depends on your commitment and goals that you look forward to achieve. In one of our programmes last year, a soon-to-be-bride lost a whopping 10 kilos within two months!

Is it suitable for women of all age groups?

Yes. The workouts are designed to scale movements and push participants to use weight according to their ability.

How much does it cost and where will it be held?

It is priced at Dh3,307 for eight weeks and will be held at select gyms in Dubai from September 2 to October 25.