RDS 181215 Live for present not future
Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

‪Remember the last time you saw that pair of shoes in the show-window of a shop and thought: “This is it…this is what I have been searching for”? As you go in and check the price tag it was way beyond what you thought it would be priced at. You decided it isn’t worth it. You had enough money to buy them but you thought it wasn’t worth the price. You ended up buying the other model you actually weren’t too happy with. What if the cheaper version was bad quality and did not last as long as you wanted them to?‬

‪The problem with this situation is that we often don’t buy what we want. When you can afford something, we often don’t because we think we are going beyond our budget. When you can afford something why not? To whom are we saving all this money? I know people like to plan for a safe future but then again, no one has promised us tomorrow.

‪We all want to save money for our children and buy them things but it is important to draw a line as to how much we want to give them. As a parent, your role is to give a child an education. After that we have to raise them to be responsible citizens for the future. ‪So, take that much needed vacation. Buy those shoes you have always wanted. Wear that suit and tie. No one promised us tomorrow which is why we should live for ourselves, today. ‬

- The reader is an Ophthalmologist working in Fujairah