RDS 181215 Pigeons outside windows1
Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

I’m 33 years old, married and pregnant. My regular days are spent going through the daily newspaper, writing and scrolling through my Facebook feed. Since most of my days are spent as a recluse, the only friends I have, whom I physically meet every day, are my cleaner Rama and my neighbour Charu.‬

Not having many friends gives me a lot of time for myself, which I used to crave earlier. I was working full-time, and at that time, 24 hours in a day didn’t seem enough.‬

I enjoy the ‘me time’ a lot. The only me time that I haven’t been able to master is eating by myself. When I was young, my mother always said that eating together makes you stronger.‬

I’ve been eating alone for a while now and been gaining weight. Stronger, I don’t know, but bigger, yes. Eating alone is not an enjoyable activity. The food doesn’t taste good. It tires me to fix a plate, microwave the food and sit on my dining table, only to eat alone. Lunch time is the time I wish I’d have someone around.

It was around two in the afternoon when I was in the kitchen, fixing a meal for myself. I noticed some pigeons outside the window that looked beautiful and hungry. I hadn’t met so many souls at one place in a long time, it was unsettling. I opened the casserole and carefully placed two pieces of roti on the window sill. They dived into the food like children during their lunch breaks at school. Also, I made lunch friends.‬

I’ve been bouncing around with joy, because I finally have someone to keep me company for lunch. However, one day I noticed a board outside my residence. It read:“We request all occupants of this building to refrain from feeding pigeons, as doing so allows pigeons to stay within our building premises...Your cooperation will be appreciated”.‬

I don’t know which route to take, follow the rules or my heart? ‬

- The reader is a writer and a voice over artist based in Dubai.