RDS 181215 Wonders of seasons1
Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

One of the many striking features of our short stay in Canada was being able to experience the changing seasons. Having lived for a considerable length of time in Dubai, this was something fascinating. In Dubai we primarily have the summer season for a large part of the year, and just one or two months of pleasant weather. ‬

Living in the UAE we look forward to the cooler months and outings to the beach, picnics in parks and drives to the peaks, like Jebel Jais.‬

In Canada people look forward to the summers to take out their barbecue grills and finally be able to remove the layers and layers of winter clothing. The seasons are so distinct from each other. In in the summer, there is greenery and bloom all over and the fall season brings with beauty of its own. The leaves start turning a dull rust colour and the entire landscape of a place changes. One is left completely stunned by this marvel of Nature. As the winter approached I was wonderstruck once again at the beauty all around me. From the red and rust colours of fall, now it was the silver and white beauty of snow that greeted us everywhere. The charm of those wintery months when the trees and buildings are covered in snow has to be seen to be believed. It’s absolutely breath taking. The winter months gradually ebb into the much anticipated spring season when the snow starts melting and the greenery starts making its appearance once again.‬

‪There is so much to learn from the changing seasons. Times and circumstances change. We need to realise that life consists of a series of changing scenarios. It’s never going to remain a constant for too long. Change is the only constant. All we can do is adapt as best as we can to the shifting sands of time with grace and dignity. Life has to go on and we need to just go with the flow. Life has its challenges and hurdles but just like winter ebbs into spring, similarly when faced with hard times we need to remember that the difficult times will pass in due course and we just need to stick it out, with strength and fortitude. ‬

‪The bounties of Nature, the characteristic charm and beauty associated with each passing season leaves us mesmerised. Surely whoever created this fascinating and beautiful world of ours deserves a lot of praise and gratitude. We need to conserve our environment and thereby use it for the benefit of mankind. When we go against Nature we expose ourselves to its wrath, in the form of the rising rate of natural calamities that we hear about in so many parts of the world.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai.