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Dubai RTA Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Appreciating Dubai RTA’s customer service

I want to highlight the remarkable RTA services that are offered in Dubai, which may be unknown to many people (“RTA opens two smart customer happiness centres in Al Manara and ‎Al Kifaf”, Gulf News, May 7). I lost my phone on May 25 morning in an RTA taxi. I logged a complaint at RTA immediately at 8009090 as soon as I realised their incredible service. I was stunned by how they handled it so well to reach the driver, get my phone, and return to my location. Moreover, I would like to write a note of appreciation to the driver Bilal Hussain who returned my phone.

He came from Al Quoz and continued to assure me that he would come and return my phone immediately. Such drivers are really a pride to RTA and Dubai’s security system, which makes all of us feel that we and our valuables are safe in this country. It also made me feel that it is always safe to use RTA services.

From Ms Berna Castelino

Dubai, UAE

Moving forward in the field of Education

Teachers play a crucial role in determining the quality of schools. They need to be given more support. Learning should be engaging, not mechanical, and we should focus on developing learners’ skills and competencies. The UAE’s education sector has a highly popular multi-curricular framework that has recently become more dynamic. It is now both an area of investment and innovation. The UAE’s regulatory authorities are effectively addressing these changes, and we should work towards making the UAE the best education provider globally.

From Mr Ajithkumar T V

Al Ain, UAE

Global bird populations steadily decline

Birds are facing a decline in their population due to various factors such as exposed electrical wires, mobile towers, and poor management by authorities in other parts of the world. In India, one of the primary reasons for bird fatalities is exposed electrical wires that can cause fatal injuries to birds due to high voltage and lack of protective measures. Additionally, mobile towers pose a significant threat to birds flying at high altitudes as they can collide with the high-voltage machinery near these towers. Developed countries such as Germany and the Netherlands have implemented underground electrical systems, significantly reducing the risk of harm to any living creature. India must also take strict action against exposed wires, internet towers, and poor management by authorities. We must collectively work towards safeguarding nature’s beauty and preserving the existence of these magnificent creatures. We can also help by keeping small pots filled with water outside our homes and leaving out some grains daily on our terrace for birds flying long distances, especially during summer. We can also keep pots for them to build small nests, which will help in increasing the bird population.

From Mr Jubel D’Cruz


Risk of smoking

Young people are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of smoking, often taking it up as a trend and succumbing to peer pressure (“Is vaping less harmful than smoking? Think again”, Gulf News, May 24). Their natural curiosity and willingness to take risks can lead them to experiment with smoking, despite warnings about the health risks and shortened life expectancy that comes with each cigarette. Smokers often enjoy the sensation of smoking, even if it means exposing others to harmful second-hand smoke. While measures like banning the sale of loose cigarettes, increasing warning labels, and raising the legal age for tobacco sales to 25 are steps in the right direction, the real solution lies in addressing the issue at its roots. Delaying action on this issue could have severe consequences.

From Mr T S Karthik


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