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Happiness is priceless. It is that feeling, which has the power to convert every negativity into positivity. People like to be surrounded by happy individuals. It is a feeling which is contagious. It instantly brightens the environment, chasing away gloominess and pessimism. But how to be always happy? Well, it is relatively easy. Happiness comes with gratitude and satisfaction. In today's world, we have a wrong notion about joy. We feel that earning a lot of money, living in palaces can make us happy. But, money and fame are not associated with bliss. It comes with a heart filled with gratitude, contentment, love, and compassion. Always be happy with what you have. Remember that what you have could be something many others have been craving for. We need to see those who are less fortunate than us, and thank God for our fortunes. When we see somebody better than us, our heart gets filled with pessimism. We start complaining or being jealous. All this takes away from our peace of mind. We need to teach our kids that their goal should not be to earn a lot of money but to be glad and gratified. It will automatically make them rich. There is also an unknown satisfaction in giving charity. It is an inborn character that we were born to show generosity and help others. That is why, whenever we help others or give in charity, we are happy and pleased. Never expect anything in return. Otherwise, it will become business, not pleasure. Pleasure makes life celestial.

From Ms Noor Tabassum

Fujairah, UAE

Delayed justice

Finally, after 28 years, the court has found Father Kottoor and Sister Sephy guilty in the sister Abhaya murder case in India (“Sister Abhaya murder case: Two found guilty after 28 years in India”, Gulf News, December 22). Both got life imprisonment for this heinous crime, and justice has been delivered after a long delay. The Catholic church should strip both from all services and make them apologise publicly. Even though the state police deliberately destroyed the evidence of this murder case the case was solved, and all credit goes to the Central Bureau of Investigation. Once again, it has proved to be a trustworthy agency.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Cricket: India vs Australia

After our team victory in Melbourne, Australian cricketers seem to be bickering to unsettle our players (“India cricketers test negative after Australia bubble ‘breach’”, Gulf News, January 24). Firstly, it was a breach of the COVID-19 norms by four players, who went to a restaurant. Now there is some new fuss about the Brisbane Test. If the government is very strict about following the quarantine period, then the Australian cricketers should have played the first Test at Brisbane. If there is a problem in playing at Brisbane, it would be better to play the fourth test in Sydney. Incidentally, Australian ace spinner, Nathon Lyon has come out with a statement that they are ready with some plans for Rohit Sharma, and hope to get on top of him nice and early. Of course, these are nothing but their usual 'mind games', and we are sure that the Indian team will not fall prey to such gimmicks.

From Mr N V Krishnan


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