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Happy Mother’s Day!

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, celebrated in India on May 10, we honour and celebrate motherhood (“Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut say 'Happy Mother's Day'”, www.gulfnews.com, May 9). In our lives, mothers play a very significant role in raising children.

Mothers are God’s best gift to mankind and without them, there would be a huge vacuum in a person’s life. Mothers are children’s first school where they learn morals and manners. Mothers are a symbol of love and forgiveness. They are selfless and full of generosity. While paying my tribute to mothers, allow me to share a loose English translation of an Urdu poem…

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. She is an epitome of selfless and self-sacrificing love, strength, composure, humility and generosity. A mother finds peace only after her soul departs for the eternal world …We should always treat our mothers with love and affection.

From Mr Ramesh G. Jethwani
Bengaluru, India

Mother's day
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Aid from India

US President Donald Trump asked for medicine to fight COVID-19 and India delivered (“Coronavirus: 88 Indian nurses arrive in Dubai to help UAE battle COVID-19”, Gulf News, May 9). The UK asked for tablets, we supplied. Brazil asked for gloves and medicines, we supplied. UAE asked for healthcare professionals, and India responded. Some nurses have already reached the UAE and will help the country fight coronavirus. India is doing this despite the increase in number of COVID-19 cases within the country. Let humanity prevail, it is the basic foundation of India.

From Mr S. N Mishra
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Reaching for the stars

It is amazing to read that such a massive number of Emirati women have expressed their eagerness to become the UAE's next astronaut (“1,400 Emirati women apply to be the UAE’s next astronaut”, Gulf News, May 10). It is praise worthy that these women are on a par with their male counterparts, and are as capable and ambitious as them. Good luck to them all!

From Ms Fatima Suhail

At the Cosmonaut Hotel crew quarters in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, the Expedition 61 prime and backup crewmembers and spaceflight participants pose for pictures Sept. 18 around a Soyuz rocket model as part of pre-launch activities. Image Credit: NASA

Women can do anything

Bravo! This is good news. Whatever men can do, women can do it too. I know some people will disagree with me, but I think it is the truth. I pray and hope that their goals, dreams and ambitions are fulfilled. Best of luck to all!

From Mr Manfred Anwanda
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Journey to space

Women have come a long way in the last decade, and it is an appreciated change. Women now hold top positions in companies. They can juggle their personal lives and professional lives. They can even be heads of state and manage crisis with clarity and determination. It makes me happy that women in the UAE are aspiring to be astronauts and want to journey into space.

From Ms Alia M.

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