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Ease of restrictions

While the UAE is slowly opening key parts of cities, people should make sure that they are social distancing (“UAE malls, retailers await go-ahead for full working hours”, Gulf News, May 13). We don’t need to be scared of the virus as long as we know what rules and precautions we need to follow. People should always use a face mask and hand sanitiser to keep their hands clean. The virus should be the one scared, not us.

From Ms Jennifer M Madjos
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Help the elderly

I would like to point out that in some cases, people over 60 years of age are fitter than those younger. They are being advised not to go to the mall or grocery shopping (“Coronavirus: Caring for the elderly”, , May 11).

Rather than making rules for them, let’s help them out. Malls can be open at an earlier hour, like other shops and bank branches, where elderly people can go about their tasks, before anybody else. Otherwise, there should be no special rules based on age according to me. This group of our older neighbours, friends, parents and grandparents can and will decide on their own, what is best for them, if we let them.

From Ms Veit Mueller


Staying Home
Image Credit: Raz Latif/NYT

How to keep busy amid #stayinghome?

As we all know that the deadly coronavirus pandemic has caused lockdown in many parts of the world. No one knows when these measures will end (“Coronavirus: 101 things you can do at home during quarantine in the UAE”, , May 4). However, some countries have eased restrictions.

So how can people keep themselves from getting bored at home?

Well, the answer to this question is physical activities. Physical activities such as exercise, running on a treadmill, yoga, and other forms of activity will help keep you busy.

While schools are still closed in the UAE and in other parts of the world, e-learning or distance learning is the best way to study in this current scenario. You can contact your teacher and classmates via the Internet, and I think the system is superb. What about those people who have jobs? What are they supposed to do? There have been many organisations that have let their employees work from home. However, not all of them have. My father works in a bank, but he is currently not working from home. The bank is walking distance from our house, so every day he wears a pair of gloves, a mask, and walks to the bank. He gets back at 2pm. I don’t know anyone who is currently working from home.

Staying home can be boring since a lot of children love playing outside and miss it. But now that we know about the activities we can do at home, it will be a lot easier for everyone to be active and not get bored.

From Mr Daniyal Alvi

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