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RAK Hospital launches weight loss challenge

10-week campaign open to RAK residents will award Dh500 for every kg lost

Image Credit: Courtesy RAK Hospital
Fatima Saeed Al Shehi, Dr Jean Marc Gauer and Dr Raza Siddiqui at the launch of the campaign at RAK Hospital.
Gulf News

Dubai: The RAK Hospital, in association with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, has launched the RAK Biggest Weight Loser Challenge that will run till April 28.

The 10-week challenge open to RAK residents will award Dh500 for every kg lost, according to Fatmena Saeed Al Shehi, head of health edcuation at the ministry’s Ras Al Khaimah medical district.

Inaugurating the campaign, Al Shehi said: “This event falls within the framework of the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s strategy to provide innovative and sustainable methods to implement the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda that includes reducing obesity and also a post-initiative follow up with participants.”

Obesity is among the growing health concerns in the UAE, with at least 70 per cent of men and 67 per cent of women aged 15 years and older considered overweight.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group and executive director of RAK Hospital, said, “The main aim is to motivate UAE residents to reroute their dietary and exercise habits so that they lead a healthier lifestyle eventually. We would specially like to encourage people with a higher BMI to participate in the event with the hope that the initiative will be first step towards a fit and healthy you. Ten weeks is a long time to build a habit, and I’m confident that once people experience the value of a healthy life, they will never go back to their old ways”.

At the time of registration the doctors at the hospital will record participants’ weight, height and BMI and blood pressure. At the conclusion of the competition, RAK Hospital will invite all participants to visit the premises for weight calculation to draw a comparison from the original records. Participants will also be provided with weekly weight-recording sheets. Surgical weight loss will not be allowed.

One participant each from male and female categories will be awarded the cash prize. The winners will be decided depending on maximum weight loss, with Dh500 awarded for every kg the two participants lose. Besides cash prizes, winners can also win six annual gym vouchers and annual health packages and spa vouchers at RAK Hospital.

“It’s a win-win situation, when you think about it,” added Dr Jean Marc Gauer, CEO, RAK Hospital, “The very fact that you will shed a few kilos is in itself a huge achievement, and I hope that the motivation lives on long after the contest gets over. Through this exercise, we want to practically convey how a healthy lifestyle can have a positive influence on our bodies, psyche and productivity.”