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Dubai Police to get new smart bicycle helmets

Some of the helmet’s features include live video and group calls

Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police
Lt Gen Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina being briefed on the features of the smart bicycle helmet.
Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Police have approved a smart bicycle helmet that will be used by the bicycle team that is part of the Department of Protective Security and Emergency.

Lt Gen Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief, approved the helmet on Tuesday and asked that more helmets be procured for the task force.

Some of the helmet’s features include being linked to a smart app that allows for voice and video transmission, and a system that allows for a group call or conversation.

The helmet can also take video footage and send it live and is also fitted with a GPS tracker so the location of wearers is known at any point of time.

Other features include being lightweight, having reflectors, as well as having indicators for changing lanes.

These features will allow the teams to coordinate better and allow for a speedier response to emergencies.

Bicycle patrols are used during events to ensure safety and security, including sporting events.

The videos and photos taken will not only help respond better to emergency situations but will also be used for training purposes.

The app and the smart features also allow the decision-makers, who are not on the ground, to make better decisions as they have access to live footage from the scene.