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Dubai’s real builders

From Iraq and Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, teachers from far and wide helped establish the school

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In every society, once in a while a person or a group of people comes along, taking steps that transform the society forever.

Shaikh Ahmad Bin Dalmouk and later his son Shaikh Mohammad Bin Ahmad Bin Dalmouk played that pivotal role that changed the face of Dubai.

The baton that was lit by the father-son was carried forward by those visionary teachers who were initially handpicked by the founders and later came out of the school itself, speaking volumes of the quality of the school’s education standards.

The role that teachers play in building and sustaining a society is not hidden from anyone. In Dubai this role was played by the teachers of Al Ahmadiya school, who groomed and nurtured a generation that envisioned and built Dubai that we see today.

The first batch of Al Ahmadiya’s teachers came from Saudi Arabia, led by Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Hamad Al Mubarak and his sons Shaikh Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and Shaikh Abdul Latif Bin Abdul Aziz who groomed the early students including Late Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

In 1922 Shaikh Abdul Rahman Bin Hafidh and teachers from Al Zubair region of Iraq started teaching in Al Ahmadiya the subjects of Hadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammad PBUH), Tafseer (Interpretation of Koran) and Islamic jurisprudence.

There were also some teachers who wgraduated from Al Ahmadiya School and later appointed as a teacher in the same school, among them is Shaikh Mohammed Noor Saif Bin Hilal Al Muhairi, who was later appointed as a principal of the school in 1937.

Shaikh Al Muhairi is credited for developing a proper education system in the school and strengthening the curriculum which was initially developed by Shaikh Mohammad Al Mozayan. Al Muhairi also played an important role in developing a cultural movement.

“Shaikh Mohammad Noor Al Muhairi took charge of the school during a very difficult time when the school reopened after it was closed for a few years. He developed a strong education system before he left for Makkah and the baton was carried forward by Shaikh Ahmad Hamad Al Shaibani,” said Bilal Al Budoor, who is one of the former students of Al Ahmadiya and currently the vice chairman of Scientific and Cultural Association Dubai.

Shaikh Al Shaibani directed the school to new heights before a Kuwaiti educational delegation took over the management of the school.

Hashim Abu Omara one of the members of the Kuwaiti educational delegation, managed the school in the year 1956 and the next year Zohdi AL-Khateeb took over and directed the school until 1959. He was also the educational supervisor in the Emirate.

From 1959 until the school was relocated to a new building in 1964, Mohammed AL Kayali managed the school.


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Among the teachers who also played an important role in the development of the school are:

• Shaikh Abdullah Bin Abdul Wahab AL Mozayen.

• Shaikh Mohammad Al Shenqeti,

• Shaikh Ahmad AL Arfaj.

• Shaikh Yousuf Bin Mohammad AL Jamea.

• Shaikh Mishaan Naser AL Mansoor.

• Shaikh Mohammad Bin Ali Bin Dafus.

• Shaikh Ahmad Eisa.

• Shaikh Mohammad Bin Yousuf Al Shaibani.

• Shaikh Hasan Bu Melha.

• Shaikh Matar Bin Obaid AL Majid.

• Shaikh Abudrrahman AL Mansoori.

• Shaikh Ali AL Gaziri.

• Shaikh Ahmad Bin Hasan AL-Khazzraji.

• Shaikh Ahmad AL Humaidi.

• Shaikh Ahmad Bin Dhaboui.

• Shaikh Ibrahim Mohammad AL Najar.

• Shaikh Mohammad Bin Ali AL Majid.

• Shaikh Majid Bin Mohammed AL Majid.