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Saudi wife angered after husband compares her to car

Woman left husband, taking her children to her parents’ house

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Manama: A Saudi woman has walked out on her husband after he compared her to the car he bought through a bank loan.

A man familiar with the case said that the husband told his wife in her thirties that he had taken out a loan from a bank before their marriage to buy the car and to pay for her dowry. He added that one loan was enough and that while he expected returns if he ever wanted to get rid of the car, he did not anticipate any if there were similar plans for the wife, Al Weam news site reported. The wife, angered by her husband’s remarks, decided to leave him and take their children back to her parents’ home.

“There are now serious attempts to contain the situation by narrowing gaps and having the husband apologise to his wife,” the man said. “It is very important for spouses to assess and measure the impact of their words before they utter anything. They should be fully aware that they can hurt the dignity of their spouses or make them suffer,” he said.

Most readers sympathised with the wife and insisted on a more considerate attitude from the husband.

However, some readers said that the wife had overreacted and that rushing to a negative decision could end their union and deeply affect the future of their children.



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Me and my wife started laughing a lot today! is it possible to separate for such small issues- Its normal to shout and quarrel at home, but things subside the same evening. Each day is like a test and experience in any married with it and keep staying together and keep quarreling and arguing to strengthen your relations!!, May god be withyou!


20 August 2013 17:52jump to comments