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600kg Saudi man forklifted to hospital

Massively overweight Khaled Mohsin Shairi had to have bed specially made in US

  • Saudi Civil Defence members use a forklift to move Khaled Mohsen Shaeri, 20, from his house in the Saudi city Image Credit: Reuters
  • Saudi Civil Defence members move Khaled Mohsen Shaeri, 20, onto a plane to airlift him to the capital Riyadh fImage Credit: Reuters
06 Gulf News

Riyadh: A Saudi man weighing 610 kilograms was forklifted to hospital on Monday for medical treatment at the expense of the monarch to reduce his weight.

Khaled Mohsin Shairi was flown from his southwestern hometown of Jizan to Riyadh on a specially-equipped plane.

It posted a picture of overweight Shairi being lifted on a forklift out of the plane on arrival in the capital.

Acting on orders of King Abdullah, the health ministry had to acquire a specially-made bed and a crane to transfer Shairi from his second-floor apartment, SPA state news agency reported.

The bed was specially made for Shairi in the United States, Sabq news website said.

The ministry did not specify the nature of treatment that the young man will undergo.



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To CSS - You seem to be overlooking the fact that the Saudi's have gone above and beyond to help that man. Forklift, treatment, special ordered bed. I lived in Dubai my whole life till I moved to the US and I see hospitality here as well. But nothing is comparable to Arab hospitality.


20 August 2013 17:52jump to comments