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Omani girl saves father’s life by donating part of her liver

Omanis have increasingly become aware of the importance of organ donation

  • Khadija Al Barwani donated 65 per cent of her liver to her father in a 12-hour transplant surgery conducted atImage Credit: Supplied
  • Omani daughter donates part of her liver to save fatherImage Credit: Supplied
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Muscat: An Omani girl has donated a part of her liver to help save her father’s life.

Khadija Al Barwani, donated 65 per cent of her liver to her father, Mohammad, in a 12-hour liver transplant surgery conducted at the Royal Hospital in Oman’s capital Muscat.

The surgery was led by world-renowned Indian surgeon, Dr. Mohammad Rella and his team of Omani medics.

Khadija said she was happy to save her father’s life and encourage more people to do the same.

Many Omanis desperate for organ transplants have resorted to buying organs on the black market.

They mainly travel to Pakistan, India, Egypt and Thailand where the operations are costly and dangerous.

Last year, Oman legalised organ donation and launched a campaign aimed at breaking the social stigma associated with such a practice— organ donation is rare in Muslim countries as the body is considered sacred in Islam.

More than 1,000 Omanis, many of whom are medics, have signed up to donate their organs after their death, according to figures provided by the capital’s Royal Hospital.

Oman faces shortages in organ donors, including kidneys, hearts, lungs, eyes and pancreas.

In 2014, Oman’s Grand Mufti Shaikh Ahmad Al Khalili passed a fatwa, a religious edict, permitting donation of organs once brain-dead under “special” conditions.

Before the fatwa, those in need of transplants would have to wait for imported organs to arrive.

Anyone interested in being an organ donar can now visit Royal Hospital and fill out a form.

One person can potentially save eight lives if they donate all of their organs.