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Ahmadinejad sees Oman-Iran role for regional peace

Iranian President believes two nations can play constructive role

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Muscat: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reiterated the role of Iran and Oman in maintaining security in the region while calling for closer cooperation between the two countries.

“Through [bilateral] cooperation, the two nations can play a beneficial and constructive role in the promotion of peace and security in the region,” Ahmadinejad said during a meeting with Oman’s Shura Council Chairman, Khalid Bin Hilal Al Maawali according to reports in Iranian media.

“Cooperation between the countries, given today’s situation where the enemies persist in dividing nations is necessary more than ever, and the two nations will be able to neutralise enemy plots by being together Iran’s Press TV quoted him saying.

He also referred to the long term ties between the two nations, and said that the two countries’ relations were based on their beliefs, so they were very strong, reported Fars News Agency.

During the meeting in Tehran on Saturday, Ahmadinejad pointed to what he said was the closeness of Iran-Oman policies and viewpoints on international and regional arena, and said that the two countries can play a constructive and useful role in strengthening regional peace and security.

Iran and Oman have expanded cooperation in a variety of areas such as economy and defence since President Ahmadinejad took office in 2005. The two countries signed a security agreement in August 2009.

The Iranian president expressed sorrow over the situation in Bahrain and Syria, reiterating that the Islamic Republic supports the nations’ right to decide their own future.

“Conflict and war result in nothing but destruction, killing, and deepening of hostilities; issues of these countries should be resolved through understanding and dialogue, with people deciding about their future,” he stated, warning that the current circumstances in the region only favour what he called arrogant powers.

Maawali praised the Islamic Republic’s regional and international position, according to Iranian media.

He also voiced Oman’s support for Iran’s “good-will” policies regarding regional and international developments, and called for strengthening ties between Tehran and Muscat.