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Wife files for divorce one week after marriage

Wife reconsidered marriage one week after costly wedding

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Manama: A Kuwaiti man, upset over his wife’s request for divorce after one week of marriage, attacked her and slapped her repeatedly, prompting her to alert the police.

The husband’s aggression was reportedly triggered by his wife’s claim that she made the wrong decision by marrying him, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported on Wednesday.

He is believed to have borrowed huge amounts of money from his friends and relatives for the wedding, the daily said.

The wife is insisting on the divorce even though relatives are exerting efforts to reconcile the couple.

Online reactions to the news ranged from full support to the husband “because he was betrayed” to compassion for the wife “for her courage to address a delicate situation.”

One blogger suggested that the husband should accept the divorce and marry one of the wife’s relatives, preferably her sister, in order to spite her for life.

Several comments prayed for the success of the attempts to reconcile the husband and the wife and the rescue of the marriage.