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Kuwait probe into alleged money-laundering scheme widens

Authorities are now investigating how $120 million reached the accounts of lawmakers

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Manama: A probe looking into an alleged money-laundering scheme in Kuwait worth hundreds of millions of dollars has traced links to Germany, Iran, Russia, and Britain, a Kuwaiti daily said.

According to Al Shahed, the money deposited in the accounts of two lawmakers, a former minister and a businessman was in installments of 15 million dinars ($54,267,200), 50 million dinars ($180,891,000) and 45 million dinars ($162,802,000) to reach 110 million dinars ($397,960,000).

However, according to Al Rai daily that first broke the news about an alleged $300 million money-laundering scheme, around $180 million were deposited in the accounts after the amount was taken on a private plane from Kuwait to Amsterdam.

The money was then taken to Moscow where it was kept for four days before it was moved to Iran and then back to Kuwait.

The amount was eventually deposited in the account of a company to avoid international monitoring on huge transfer of money, the daily said, quoting sources that, it said, were close to the case, but which were not identified.

The authorities are now investigating how the remaining $120 million reached the accounts.